This is a review of the famous Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S. This monitor is the upgraded model of the original Motorola baby monitor MBP36 so you can expect even better features from this model. Motorola is a well-known brand name and has good reputation. That said, it automatically sets a high bar for performance and quality.

Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S Review

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Features of Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S

Features of Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S include, but are not limited to:

  • 5” full color monitor
  • 590’ open range
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Room Temperature Monitor
  • 5 Pre-Recorded Lullabies

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The Pros

Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S is a very popular choice for consumers. This is evidenced by the large review count in Amazon for its predecessor, the MBP36. Here are the up sides to Baby Monitor MBP36S:


Our immersion research approach has given us a very solid knowledge base on the best baby monitors. You get the unvarnished facts here at  We give you the facts on all baby monitors. You make your own decisions.  While Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S is newer to the market, the expectation, of course, is that it’s better than its predecessor, the MBP36. In fact, this is true.  Expect Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S to have a long useful life.  Many product owners were using their baby monitor for 3-5 years- and based on the competition, this is a long lifespan.

Crystal Clear 2-Way Talk and Picture

Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S touts its clarity of  BOTH audio and video; many other baby monitors play up one or the other, but not both. They say they have it, and our research tells us they deliver on their statement. The Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S allows parents to actually see their baby’s chest move up and down as they breathe.


Our extensive research tells us that what companies say the range is and what it actually is, can be 2 different things. But  the Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S lives up to its expected 590’ range; in fact,  it outperformed that distance.

Pan Movement

Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S has great panning range of approximately 300 degrees.

Length of Power Cords

Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S offers generous power cord lengths; the camera cord is 9’ 6’’, and the monitor cord is 9’ 9’’.

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The Cons

No company is going to tout its weaknesses.   Here at we think it’s important to give you all the facts so you can decide for yourself.  Here are OUR conclusions on Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S.

Motorola Baby Monitor MPB36S Website

Their website is abysmal. There is very little information, and when you view the setup instructions or FAQs, which presents both in a .pdf file format, returning to the prior live site requires re-login entirely.  Just stay away from it and use us for our research.

Camera Compatibility with the Prior Model

The camera for the prior model (MBP36) is not compatible with Motorola Baby Monitor MPB36S. This annoying and there appears to be no reason other than planned obsolescence.

Split Screen When Using Less than 4 Cameras

This is best explained with an example. Let’s say you have 2 cameras set up for Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36.  The split screen is still going to split the screen into quarters, even though you have only 2 active cameras, you should expect, like we would, that the screen to be split in halves. That’s pretty annoying and you would think the “techno geeks” getting paid the big bucks could have figured this out. Mybe antoher way to try to get you to buy extra cameras.

Brittle Power Jack on the Power Unit

This would seem to be a system redesign solution.  Maybe rather than fix the defect it’s easier to hope that it holds up until after it’s out of warranty? But be careful this this y supply unit power jack.


Frequently Asked Questions

Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S  FAQs:

Q: How can I extend the life of the battery on the parent unit of Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S?

A: 3 ways. 1) turn the volume down, 2) decrease brightness, and/or 3) turn off the video if you don’t need audio.

Q: What do I do when the unit is making a high pitched noise?

A: You may to increase the distance between the parent and baby units.  Or, you may need to lower the volume.  This issue is not necessarily specific to Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S.

Q: The Video on my Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S appears grainy.  What can I do?

A: You can try a couple things.  Play with the room lighting, lighter or brighter.  Decreasing zoom from 2X to 1X can also help.  This sounds too simple, but make sure the lens is clean of dust or grit.

Q: Why is the parent unit beeping?

A: Check the power switch on the baby unit-it may be set to off.  Also, make sure the alarm is off.  And, just to make sure the wall outlet is active, try another device other than the Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36S to make sure the outlet is working.

Q: How can I limit the background noise?

A: Place the baby unit as far away from the source of the noise as you can. Also, face the microphone away from the source.

Final Verdict

Based on the percentages above, there are better choices of baby monitors than Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36 but it is not a bad choice either. If brand value and the features are taken into account, you will definitely have a ‘quality experience’ with this monitor.

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