This is a review of the Levana Jena Baby Monitor. from, the compilers of the best baby monitor reviews.

The Levana Company was the first company to introduce a video monitor into the marketplace back in the early 2000s.  The Levana Jena Baby Monitor is one of several baby monitors on the market produced by Levana.  This particular baby monitor is named “Jena,” which means “endurance.”  The Levana Jena Baby Monitor’s key marketing ploy is the endurance of the rechargeable battery.  More on that to follow.

Levana Jena Baby Monitor Review

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Features of the Levana Jena Baby Monitor

Features of the Levana Jena Baby Monitor include, but are not limited to:

  • 4” Color Display
  • 4-Camera Add-on Capability
  • Night Light
  • PEEP Mode (we will provide details on this below)
  • 15’ Night Vision
  • 2-Way Talk
  • Temperature Readout
  • 500’ Maximum Range

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The Pros

Using our research method (we call it “immersion” research, meaning we immerse ourselves in a vast array of existing research and customer reviews), we identified the following positives to the Levana Jena Baby Monitor.

  1. Battery Longevity-To reiterate, this is why the Levana Jena Baby Monitor is called the “Jena” model. The battery is said to last 8 hours (with the video screen on).
  2. PEEP MODE-“PEEP” stands for “Power On/Off Energy Efficient Picture” mode. The monitor is put in “sleep” or “peep” mode to conserve battery power.  The monitor of the Levana Jena Baby Monitor is “re-engaged” any time the baby moves.  Taking advantage of this feature, battery life can be lengthened to up to 12 hours.
  3. Great Night Vision-The Levana Jena Baby Monitor boasts great night vision, and customer feedback supports their claim. What’s interesting about it is, while they tell you to expect 15 feet, its range actually outdoes their advertised length.
  4. Truth in Advertising-To expand upon the night vision example above, the Levana Jena Baby Monitor advertises a maximum range of 500 feet unobstructed, and yet there are several reviews where the users claimed better range than advertised. One said they have had success “outside and 2 houses down.”.  We really like when a company sets the customers’ expectations, and then doesn’t disappoint.
  5. Price-When we weigh the performance of the Levana Jena Baby Monitor, and we throw in the price component into the equation, this monitor really measures up nicely in comparison to other baby monitors we have reviewed. 

The Cons

Scouring the reviews posted on to come up with some downsides to the Levana Jena Baby Monitor, we came up with our “Cons” list.

  1. Night Light-The Levana Jena Baby Monitor has a night light that is way too bright. This is not the first time we have identified this as an issue.  Perhaps some more user testing is in order prior to distribution to the marketplace.
  2. Addition of Cameras-Adding additional cameras results in a degraded picture quality, becoming blurry and grainy.
  3. Temperature Gauge-For some reason the Levana Jena Baby Monitor, like every other monitor we reviewed, does a poor job of reporting the right temperature. Our research tells us that you should, unfortunately, expect the temperature readout to be off by 2-3 degrees.
  4. Degraded Wireless Performance-Customers report that the use of the Levana Jena Baby Monitor results in degraded wireless performance of other devices.
  5. Customer Service-We reviewed some customer feedback where the customer service department was less than hospitable, sometimes blaming the customer for the problem. Finger pointing at a customer just doesn’t fly.  Remember, the customer is always right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common FAQs on the Levana Jena Baby Monitor.

Q: How do I best retain battery life?

A:  Utilize the Levana Jena Baby Monitor PEEP mode whenever possible, and always deplete the battery power as much as you can before recharging.

Q: About how many times should I expect to be able to recharge the battery before I need to replace it?

A: The Levana Jena Baby Monitor battery should be rechargeable about 300 times.  Temperature and humidity do play a role in just how many times you can recharge the battery.

Q: Why is the image distorted on the Levana Jena Baby Monitor?

A: You may have lost the connection-just try to reconnect.  Also, make sure that the save mode is not activated.

Q: Why is there static on the monitor?

A: The baby and parent unit could be too close to each other, or it could just be that the environment is poor (i.e. a lot of cell phones, microwaves, general obstructions in your home.

In our review of the best baby monitors, the Levana Jena Baby Monitor ranks AT THE TOP of the units we reviewed.

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Final Verdict

We give the Levana Jena Baby Monitor a GREAT BUY.You would be very hard pressed to find a better monitor for the price.  We give them a few demerits for customer service, but this monitor is really well built and long-living, so it’s possible you won’t ever need to call them.  How’s that for turning a negative into a positive?