Baby Monitors’ Customer Support

Baby Monitors’ Customer Support

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The Best Baby Monitors-A Focus on Customer Service

Our goal today is to provide you with information to help in selecting the best baby monitor that meets your needs. Our focus is on the best baby monitors that offer both audio and visual functionality and today, it is all about customer support (no review).

When you get right down to it, the best baby monitors pretty much all offer the same functionality, which makes it difficult when making the choice for you. To add to the difficulty in making your choice of the best baby monitor, there are SO much information on the Internet that it can make things difficult to cull through the data to choose the best baby monitor.

This is where we fit in. 

Our goal is to gather, and present, information that will allow you to make a great decision on the best baby monitors for your baby.

Today’s focus is on customer service.

Using our technique of what we call “immersion” research, we dug through over 1,000 reviews of the best baby monitors on Amazon to come up with some conclusions on the very best in customer service for selecting the best baby monitor.

I can’t speak for you, but I have personally thrown in the towel when it comes to expecting a memorable customer service experience. I cringe when I have to go to a retail store to make a purchase. The chances that I am going to have an associate who 1) offers their help, and 2) has some knowledge, are slim.

So, as I scoured threw 100s of reviews on, I employed a “laser-like” focus on customer service.

Customer service is a very subjective thing, so as I immersed myself in my research, I wanted to have some parameters in mind.  Here’s what I came up with:

Prompt Response

I don’t want to make a call and get a recorded message with a bunch of prompts to follow to get to customer service. Companies who tout that they have one of the best baby monitors on the market should provide a prompt response to a call.

Product Knowledge

The associate of the company supporting one of the best baby monitors should have a solid knowledge of the product. I would expect them to know how to trouble shoot.


This is a soft skill, but the associate should “feel my pain.” After all, I have the best baby, so I should expect the associate to understand the importance of their support of the best baby monitor.

A Great Warranty and Return Policy

Almost every company offers a 1-year warranty; I want a company supporting one of the best baby monitors to bend the rules. If it’s out of warranty, but it’s an issue involving normal wear and tear, c’mon!  Cut me a little slack!  Just give me a new one!


This goes along with number 4 above. The customer service associate should be able to make their own decision on providing a replacement part outside of the warranty period for one of the best baby monitors.

Data that Supports 1-5 Above

Everyone claiming they have one of the best baby monitors is going to say they have great customer support. We wanted proof. That’s why we used our “immersion” research approach, plowing through and reading over 1,000 reviews to draw some conclusions on exemplary customer service.

There are 2 of the best baby monitors that bubble to the top in terms of customer service:

  • Infant Optics DXR-8 
  • Drop Cam HD Wireless

Here are some of the words used to describe their customer service as we reviewed the information:

  • Unreal
  • Amazing
  • Awesome
  • Receptive
  • Prompt in response and follow up
  • Knowledgeable
  • Reigns supreme
  • 24 hour turnaround on product replacements

We just didn’t see the same sort of accolades for the other best baby monitors. There is a smattering, but it wasn’t consistent like it was for the Infant Optics DXR-8 and The Drop Cam HD.  In fact, many of the reviews for the Infant Optics DXR-8 mentioned the customer service representative by name!  So, I hope the company president is reading this-give “Mae” a raise!

All that said, there is one thing that made these 2 absolutely stand out from the others.

When you go to Amazon and look at the statistics on the baby monitor reviews, you are presented with positive reviews and critical reviews. These 2 companies actually respond to almost every single critical review! In my review of the other baby monitors, I didn’t see any company that did this. Not only do they respond to the critical review, they provide their name and phone number, they apologize for any inconvenience, and they stand ready to get a call from you to work through the problem.

It’s so refreshing to see this sort of commitment to customer service!  Thank you for being there!


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