About Us

About Us

Today’s Monitors is a detailed resource for parents and caregivers  that talks about the best baby monitors that we find on the market. The baby monitor industry is booming, which is great, but the industry is also seeing products that are not good (in simple words). Today’s Monitors want to make certain that all parents can buy the best baby monitors in the market. The internet certainly makes that possible.  Your  Baby Monitor doesn’t have to be the most costly Baby Monitor  that you find,  but it has to be the monitor that meets  all you and your baby’s needs.

Pouring through baby monitor reviews might sound boring, right? That’s the reason that why we also kept a few interesting sections in our website. From funny baby videos to parenting tips, you will get it all in Today’s Monitors.

Being a website that is run with only a few pair of hands, it is tough for us to review all the baby monitors that are in the marketplace. At the same time, we want to make sure that you are able to find the best baby monitors and nothing else. This is why we request you to contact us via our contact page or comment if you want us to review a particular baby monitor. We would love to review it for you.

Our reviewers are experts who use the products personally before reviewing them. We also consider customer reviews while reviewing a monitor. Please note that we don’t sell any particular baby monitors and we are not associated with any particular monitor brand.


Hopefully, you will enjoy Today’s Monitors.