Best Baby Monitor Reviews

Best Baby Monitor Reviews

Selecting the best baby monitor system in today’s “high tech” world can be a little overwhelming. Our goal is to provide you with information that will make the selection of the best baby monitor process easier for you.

In the old days, a baby “monitor” was someone that was hired for 5 bucks to watch their kids when the parents wanted to get away for a couple hours.  Indeed electronic Baby monitors have been around a while, but the choices in the past were few, so it was rather easy to pick a best baby monitor. Previously, the functionality of a baby monitor was only a little better than a pair of “Walkie talkies,” for those of you who even remember what they are. Some of the best baby monitor systems can be complex, but we are going to equip you with information so that you can make an educated decision on the best baby monitor devices which fits your needs and budget. 


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Before I got into produce research,  I worked at a large insurance company, and I played on an intramural basketball team.  The name of our team was “WE MAY BE OLD, BUT WE’RE SLOW TOO.”  This kind of sums up my attitude before I started enjoying what some call my “immersion method” of research – made so much easier with the use of the internet.

When I was asked to spearhead the immersion project on the best baby monitors, I said, “I’m detailed, and I’m slow too.”

We go through a total “data-dump stage” in our research. We look at who the leading manufacturers of baby monitors are and why, what consumers want in a baby monitor, what the trends are and what’s coming down the pipeline from a price as well as a technology standpoint.  We will also read and summarize all available reviews for each product, whether on Amazon or elsewhere on baby monitors.  What may be the best baby monitor for you may not be the best baby monitor for the next set of parents. We will give you enough data to make an informed decision.

Pricing the Best Baby Monitors

What about the price of baby monitoring systems? Here again, we just don’t go to Amazon. Here at Today’s Monitors, we immerse ourselves in the buying process and try to get a representative number for you to make your decision on.

The Types of Baby Monitoring Systems

The goal here-just keep it simple.  There are 4 types of baby monitoring systems:

Analog Monitoring Devices

These baby monitors are the simplest of systems. They send “signals” from a monitoring device to a receiving device. No frills.

Digital Monitors Devices

These baby monitors are a little more sophisticated.  They send signals like the analog devices, but they “secure,” or “encrypt” the signals.  In today’s day and age, security is something we really value and digital signaling provides this.

Video/Audio Baby Monitors

These devices build on 1 and 2 above. They provide a wall-mounted or table-top camera to transmit images to an “audio-visual” monitoring device.  Said simply, now you can hear as well  see what’s going on to monitor your baby.

Wireless Network Devices

These baby monitors have you log in to a website (like “DropCam”), log in as the user, connect with an Ethernet Cable (just once), use a serial number of the device for security purposes, and enable you to then use the devices ‘wirelessly’. This is the ultimate in functionality and flexibility-but be careful.  You’re at the mercy of the quality of your connectivity, and the setup and use is more complex-something this guy writing this would avoid.

The Key Things to Look for When Selecting Your Baby Monitor System

Here’s the list of things to look for, or think about, when choosing your baby monitor system. They are in no specific order of priority. That’s going to end up being your personal preference and it also depends upon how many bells and whistles you want to pay for.


You still notice the term “DECT” when looking at Baby monitors online. DECT stands for “Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology.” This technology is basically a “frequency” that is reserved exclusively for the FCC, the “Federal Communications Commission.”  So, it’s less trafficked if you will.  The frequency is “1.9 GHz.” Here’s what’s important to know by way of example. If your devices you use in your home operate at 2.4 GHz, which is a common frequency, you would want to use another frequency to avoid interference. Thus, the “1.9 GHz.”


Most range from 500-1000 feet. Keep in mind these results assume an unobstructed view, so unless you live in the desert, expect a result less than the advertised result for your baby monitors.  Splitting the difference or close to it, a range of 800 feet seems reasonable to meet your needs.  But only you can decide.

“2-Way Talk

This functionality is almost a given. It means you can talk to your baby, and your baby can mumble/murmur back.  Many baby monitor systems offer a few prerecorded lullabies you can play for your infant.  Kind of cool.  At least one baby monitor even offers the lullabies in Spanish-very nice!

Batteries/Power Source

Monitoring and receiving devices, for the most part, have electrical cords (Important Note: Please do not forget the absolutely critical need to avoid having electrical cords anywhere near your precious one to avoid any strangulation potential!). But you will want (really need nowadays) rechargeable battery functionality with your baby monitor. Here’s why….A battery life of 8 hours seems to be the optimal recharging lifespan.  Make sure to dock the receiver overnight to keep your device charged.

Screen Size

Sizes range from 2 inches to 6 inches. The best baby monitors are at least 3.5 inches as they give you enough visual of the baby.

Motion and Sound Sensors

Keeping it simple, detection systems that sense baby motion and sound will give you added peace of mind. There is one baby monitoring system called  the Owlet .Owlet uses a “smart sock” that alerts you when the baby stops breathing. (It’s an actual sock that you put on your child that will monitor your baby).  I did want to share something important-in my research, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) wrote an article on “SIDS”-“Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.” In my review of the information, the FDA is not endorsing any product or device that eliminates the exposure to SIDS.

Night Lights/Night Vision

Long story short, many baby monitor systems provide a “night vision” feature, where the light adjusts as the baby’s room darkens. Most baby monitors have  a common range of 15 feet.  Many baby monitors have night lights that will enhance your view that can be turned on remotely.

Cameras and Multiple Cameras

Most baby monitors offer a total of 2 to 4 camera ( you can add more cameras with most baby monitors)

“PTZ”-This means “Pan/Tilt/Zoom.” Most of the baby monitors we reviewed do not have this functionality completely (meaning Pan, Tile AND Zoom).  Most, however, do have the ability to zoom (2X). Given that it’s somewhat rare to have full PTZ, I would consider this to be a “nice to have,” not a “need to have.” I must admit the concept of PTZ sounds desirable to me.

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Best Baby Monitors 2015

Have a look at the top baby monitors of 2015 and their key benefits/features in this section. Again, they are not organized in order and you can go with any of these baby monitors as they all have proven themselves as the best ones in current market.

Infant Optics DXR-best baby monitor infant optics dxr 8

  • Interchangeable lens
  • Stream video and sound real time
  • Crystal clear resolution


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Samsung SEW 3036W and 3037best baby monitor samsung baby monitor

  • 900 feet range, possibly best in class
  • Crystal clear picture



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Dropcam Pro WiFi Wireless Video Monitoringbest baby monitor dropcam pro wifi

  • Touted for home and office use too
  • Streaming video capability
  • Optional “Cloud Video Recording (CVR)
  • Superb audio and visual




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Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby MonitorMotorola MBP36 baby monitor

  • Brand name = great reputation
  • 5 programmed lullabies
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
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Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Baby MonitorSummer Infant Baby Touch best baby monitor

  • Touch screen functionality
  • Wireless capability
  • Camera is very quiet and can be turned on remotely



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Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitorbest baby monitor

  • Temperature sensor
  • Night mode
  • Range of 330 Meters


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VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby MonitorVTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor

  • Great resolution
  • Big enough screen
  • Quality night vision




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Withings Smart Baby MonitorWithings Smart Baby Monitor best baby monitor

  • Can be used with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
  • Unlimited range
  • Easy to set up
  • Bluetooth decreases range to 164 feet



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Lorex LW1742 Live SD Wireless Recording Video Surveillance System9

  • Well established company with good reputation
  • Use at home/work/on-the-go
  • Primarily a surveillance system



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Foscam FBM3502 Wireless Digital Video Baby MonitorFoscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor

  • Feeding time notification
  • Lullabies
  • Easy to set up
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Final Verdict

Baby monitors are quickly becoming a primary need of caring parents and you must need one of the best baby monitor models for your child. All parents are now going for the best baby monitor model because of one simple reason – safety.  We don’t want to risk the safety of our babies, do we?

Even the so called best baby monitor models are of different types and all of them offer different features. You do not need all the features that are offered & therefore, it is wise to go through the descriptions before you decide to buy one. The descriptions might get a bit tricky at times, do not hesitate to comment and ask us if you need any help.

Best of luck…

The immersion team at